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** NEW **

   Jonas Buntin had his eyes set on his pension, but making it to the end of a thirty year career would not be easy. He was very good at his line of work… good enough to uncover the truth even when the truth was more dangerous than a lie.
   People inside the NYPD and people on the outside don’t want to wait for Buntin to complete his last few years. They wanted him gone, and they all wanted him gone now.
   Last Son of My People

   The title of the book, Last Son of My People, describes an old man who grew up in ancient Israel during the days of King David, King Solomon, and King Jeroboam.
    After a long and difficult life away from his family, he returns to the Valley of Jezreel during the Year of Jubilee. Upon his return, the old man requests the help of the local Rabbi, stating that he has come home to reclaim the land of his people. But his true motives are a surprise to all except God.
    (Religious Fiction)
UnTrusted  (Book 1 in the Saving America Series)   

    The American people had always found peaceful resolutions to political issues through compromise, but in 2021, things changed. Follow computer hacker Hunter Benshore as he is drawn into the beginnings of the next American Revolution.
    The country had endured ten months of guerilla warfare by the Loyalists, but continued attacks on government installations were not the answer, and Hunter knew it. Corrupt government officials were now his targets— starting at the top.
    Saving America is his goal… Surviving America is his challenge.
    (Espionage Fiction)

UnCovered  (Book 2 in the Saving America Series)

“…Hunter regretted what they had done, but he knew revolution was a life or death affair; he had always known.”
     He could carry on the fight, and he could protect himself, but could he protect his friends?
    (Espionage Fiction)

UnFinished  (Book 3 in the Saving America Series)

    Super hacker Hunter Benshore played a critical role in launching the American Revolution, more by necessity than intention. He and his team managed to rid the country of President Sneed who had been corrupted by The Council.
    For Hunter, stepping back into the center of the revolution will carry a high price, but it may be the only chance he has to save himself, save the new president, and save America.
    (Espionage Fiction)

The Return Home  (Book 1 in the Upgrade Earth Series)
  The Return Home follows the life of a scientist who returns to earth from a distant planet with technology that can change our character and our world. 
   His task is to study the inhabitants of Earth, perform a series of experimental upgrades, and devise an upgrade strategy for the entire human race.  But, after performing experimental upgrades on several young people, he becomes deeply involved in their lives and must choose his loyalties... and his future.
  (YA SciFi/Adventure)
The Legacy  (Book 2 in the Upgrade Earth Series)
  If you discovered a new propulsion system that could change the world, would you share it?   Could you protect it?   Could you protect yourself?
   In The Legacy, Jack Shelf must decide what to do with a technology that can change the world. He must also evaluate the cost to his future, his life and the lives of his friends.

  (YA SciFi/Adventure)
The Tenth Book  (Book 3 in the Upgrade Earth Series)
  The Tenth Book follows the efforts of Jack Shelf and his friends as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the tenth book left behind by a scientist from the planet Furinoss.
  The alien secrets they discover will bring them to the edge of destruction and the probable ruin of all people on The Third Planet.
  (YA SciFi/Adventure)
 Strange Again  (Book 4 in the Upgrade Earth Series)

    We’ve all experienced things we can’t explain, but Jack Shelf more than most. It seemed as though the crazies of this world made special efforts to hunt him down and drag him through their ridiculous stories of aliens of flaunt the powers of there secret little societies, all dedicated to some self-serving cause.
    Most of their tales turned out to be hoaxes or figments of their strange little imaginations. But there were rare occasions when he found himself in the middle of something even he couldn’t explain. It happened twenty years ago and it was about to happen again.
    (YA SciFi/Adventure)