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The Saving America series explores one possible scenario describing the next American Revolution. The series follows super-hacker Hunter Benshore as he makes the transition from being a geek on the sidelines to being one of the key players leading the efforts to save our country from a sinister group of billionaires attempting to manipulate our politicians and our futures for their own personal gain and power.

Current plans are to publish three books for the series:


Hunter Benshore is drawn into the revolution and joins a group of rebels bent on removing  the President of the United States and restoring our rights guaranteed by the constitution.  

Benshore's team uses a stolen video to expose corruption at the top and to force changes in the Executive and Legistative branches of our government. 


The loyalist movement targets the controlling group of billionaires and attempts to save the president and replace corrupted politicians with loyal Americans who will restore the American way of life.

"Saving America"