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Upgrade Earth: The Tenth Book  follows the adventures of Jack Shelf and his friends as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the tenth book left behind by a scientist from the planet Furinoss.   The alien secrets they discover will bring them to the edge of destruction and the probable ruin of all people on The Third Planet.

Upgrade Earth: The Legacy discloses the secrets left behind by a scientist from another planet.  Now Jack Shelf must decide what to do with a technology that can change the world.  He must also evaluate the cost to his future, his life, and the lives of his friends.

Upgrade Earth: The Return Home follows the perils of a young scientist who returns to earth from a distant planet with technology that can change our character and our world.  His task is to study the inhabitants of earth, perform a series of experimental upgrades, and devise an upgrade strategy for the entire human race. But, after performing experimental upgrades on several young people, he becomes deeply involved in their lives and must choose his loyalties – and his future.

The Upgrade Earth series presents entertaining science fiction mysteries that compel each reader to consider the question:  How would you change the inhabitants of earth to ensure the long-term survival of the human race?

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