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       In 2008, Steve retired from a successful career in business computing.  Since that time, he has added two activities to his lifestyle:  fishing and writing.  Steve is happy to report a tremendous amount of pleasure, and some measure of success, in both areas.  

      Steve's experience in the computing world took him from programming business applications... to Project Management in both application development and data center operations... to being a Director of Customer Support for an international software company.   One of the byproducts of dealing with the various areas has been a well-rounded background allowing him to balance the technical issues with the people issues.  It is this experience that provides Steve the insight needed when scripting his stories.

      Steve's writing is characterized by lots of action, suspense, and surprise.  He uses no foul language, no graphic violence, and no naughty bits.  If you your're looking for those things, watch TV.